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You’re here because someone referred you to me. We met at an industry event, or maybe you were in the audience when I spoke at places like Harvard and West Point.

I’m going to assume that you already realize you need a book to help raise public awareness of your expertise and attract more of your ideal prospects.

Hopefully you will find everything that you need on this page to help you make the decision as to whether I am the right person to help you.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, you can call me direct on my cell phone during normal business hours at 404-281-6552

I found that the most important factor in getting you published as soon as possible is to make myself available to my clients.

What sets me apart from most of my competitors is that I work directly with you through the entire project.

I don’t just sell you and then hand you off to some entry-level staffer to help you stumble through the process.

Because I operate this way it limits me to completing about 50 book projects a year, but it also helps me ensure that every one of my clients gets what they need when they need it.

When you decide to work with me there’s a short application form that I will request you fill out so that I can do the necessary research prior to our first call to make sure we are good fit and that you get maximum value from our Free Book Planning Call.
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Break Away From The Herd

You're a professional. You have paid your dues. You've got the knowledge and education to ensure your clients have a great experience.

So why are others getting the lion's share of the great prospects?

Why do people that your clients have recommended you to choose someone else?

For most the answer is you're an...

"Invisible Expert"

You need to do what it takes to ensure that your name is top of mind when people are ready to work with you. And I Will Help You.

C. Mike Lewis

is a best-selling author, writer, publisher, and radio host.

He gets your ideas out of your head and into the bank.

He has written 20 of his own books and helped over 700 people just like you to become best selling authors.His work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, USA Today and hundreds of other nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.

Mike’s passion for turning the real-world experiences of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and seasoned business experts, like you, into best-selling printed books, and positively impacting their lives.

As the publisher at the top Ghost Publishing firm, Branded Expert Publishing, Mike specializes in books and tools for building your business, while increasing your authority as a best-selling author.

So set all your excuses aside. Suck it up and decide to take the steps you know you need to become the Branded Expert in your niche.


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NOTE: You decide if you want your book to be "private family only" or published and made an Amazon bestseller

I will fly to you to spend 2 days working in person with you on your book

Unlimited additional phone interviews as needed

Clearly written in “your voice”

Customized edition for each family member

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Legacy work is different from autobiography, memoir, life review, and genealogy not so much in what is written, but in your intent. We write to preserve your personal, familial, and communal histories. To express who you are and what you value, to mark your place in the world, to be witnessed by others, to build community, to be remembered. To bless those who come after us with our love and wisdom.

Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

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