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Three simple ways to get started today.

Your Book

  • Your Free Book Strategy Consultation
  • Construct a Complete Book Plan
  • Speak Your Book Interview Phase
  • Publish Your Book on All Major Platforms
  • Launch Your Book
  • Printing account to Purchase Unlimited Copies at Cost
  • Make Your Book a Bestseller
  • Your First 50 Books


Platinum Platform

  • Everything In The “Your Book” Package
  • Custom Book Website
  • Book Trailer
  • 10 Hardcover Books
  • Audio Book
  • 12 months Coaching 1on1 With Me
  • LinkedIn Profile Customization
  • Monthly Press Release Written & Distributed
  • Your First 150 Books


Legacy Book

Legacy work is different from autobiography, memoir, life review, and genealogy not so much in what is written, but in your intent. We write to preserve your personal, familial, and communal histories. To express who you are and what you value, to mark your place in the world, to be witnessed by others, to build community, to be remembered. To bless those who come after us with our love and wisdom.

  • Everything In The “Your Book” Package
  • I will fly to you to spend 2 days working in person with you on your book
  • Unlimited additional phone interviews as needed
  • Clearly written in “your voice”
  • Customized edition for each family member
  • Your First 100 Hardcover Books

NOTE: You decide if you want your book to be “private family only” or published and made an Amazon bestseller