Family Legacy Books

A growing cadre of estate and elder lawyers and financial planners have found that Legacy Letters can improve efficiency by helping clients gain clarity and insight into their needs. With more enlightened clients, advisors can create better, faster, less expensive estate and gift plans. These plans become more reflective of the clients’ needs and wishes, enhancing the likelihood that an estate or gift plan will be better understood, and executed correctly by the clients’ beneficiaries.

A non-legal, explanatory Legacy Letter also complements legal wills and living wills (advance care directives) and facilitates a client’s family discussions. Advisors are also more likely to avoid malpractice suits from disgruntled beneficiaries. Integrating Legacy Letters into legal and financial planning practices allows advisors to connect more deeply and quickly with clients and prospects. This builds trust, which can result in more referrals, and a stronger and longer lasting advisor-client relationship.

Writing a Legacy Letter is a way for you to preserve who you are, and what matters most to you. It is a way to be remembered and understood. Here is a partial list of the additional benefits achieved by writing and sharing your Legacy Letter:

  • Allows you to express “the why,” often missing in legal and financial documents.
  • People will understand who you really are. Your family gets to know you better as a person, and not just as a parent or grandparent.
  • Critically links past to future generations in a way that only you can offer. You become the conduit between your ancestors and your descendants.
  • Honors people that made a difference in your life, both living and those who have passed.
  • Teaches survival skills to the younger generation, and how to overcome adversity when they face similar difficulties.
  • It breathes life into significant events in history and presents a way of life that no longer exists.
  • Clarifies values and life purpose(s).
  • Expresses gratitude, love, regrets, apologies, and forgiveness. Deals with other unfinished business between and among family members or business colleagues. Makes sure nothing is left unsaid, or important memories forgotten- giving you peace of mind.
  • Strengthens personal and professional relationships.
  • Creates deeper family roots and understanding of one’s heritage for younger people.
  • Health promotion/wellness tool, studies have shown that the act of writing and reminiscing has physical, spiritual and psychological benefits. It lowers blood pressure, arthritis pain and asthma symptoms, and boosts the immune system. It also improves cognitive functioning, raises life-satisfaction, and decreases levels of depression and anxiety.
  • The process is fulfilling and fun.
  • It’s An Opportunity To Celebrate Life!
  • The next step is to call or e-mail me and request your free consultation.  I will help you explore your options, goals, timetable and suggest which Legacy Letter is best to meet your needs.  Based on this consult, I will draft and send you an agreement that spells out the services you will be receiving, a description of the Legacy Letter, the process and costs.  Our Legacy Letter project commences when you return the signed agreement with a deposit.  At this time, I can also provide you with a Legacy Letter gift certificate for that special person in your life.
  • The entire process is designed to be an enjoyable, and reflective experience. Your Legacy Letters will weave together everything you wanted to share with your loved one (s) or special person in your life but have never done.
  • It will be clearly written in “your voice,” and interesting to read now and in the future. You can then pass down this beautiful letter or book for your family to enjoy for years to come.  This unique keepsake will become part of your legacy!