Specific to your topic, we will select one of our specialized ghostwriters to tell YOUR story in YOUR voice in only four months, rather than the average 3.2 years business book authors invest.


Your book will be outlined, edited and indexed to make the right impression with readers. Our design team will illuminate your message with an enticing book design that will rival best sellers.


We offer a comprehensive Marketing System that includes branding, visibility and marketing. This campaign will give you and your message maximum reach.

Break Away From The Herd

You’re a professional. You have paid your dues. You’ve got the knowledge and education to ensure your readers have a great experience.

Why are others getting the lion’s share of the great prospects?

Why do people that your clients have recommended you to choose someone else?

For most the answer is you’re an “Invisible Expert”

You need to do what it takes to ensure that your name is top of mind when people are ready to work with you… And we are here to to help you!

How We Work

Your Free Book Strategy Consultation

The first step in our process is to make sure that it makes sense for you to write a book. We try to determine whether a book will be an effective tool to help explode your business. During this free consultation call we will ask you a few simple questions about your business and then we listen.

We give you an in-depth explanation of the process showing you the different options that you have for creating the right book for your business. And help you to determine whether you want to move ahead. All of this is done at no cost to you.

Your Book Path

This next step is one of the most critical to ensuring that you are clear on what your book is about, that you define exactly who your audience is, and understand why your audience will care about the book and discuss all the many ways that you can put a book to work in your business.

We then construct a complete book plan or outline of your book, the way you want it.

We have taken over 700 selling authors through this phase and will be able to assist you greatly in designing the exact course of your book.

The outlining process can usually be done in one or two calls, but because this is so critical we will do as many calls as we need to get the outline and your book path exactly where you want. Our goal in the outline is to help you flesh out what your chapters are about and what specific points you want to cover in each chapter.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a complete organized outline that shows exactly the path you want your book to take. When you approve it, we will move to the next stage.

I want to stress again that having the correct outline before moving into the interview phase is the foundation that we’ll use to speed you through the process with the least possible time on your part. Once you’ve approved the outline then we move into the next phase.

The Speak Your Book Interview Phase

I will personally lead you through the entire interview process.

This is one of the main areas where our service differs from all our competitors. Instead of handing you off to a junior staff member I work directly with you throughout the book.

I have found that my extensive background in book publishing and writing combined with over 45 years of business experience is what it takes to help you to pull all of your ideas and information out of your head and get them down on paper. It may take anywhere from 5 to 10 interviews, depending on your schedule and how much information you want to include in the book, but I will do as many interviews as necessary to make sure you’ve got everything you want in your book.

These calls usually take 60 minutes to 90 minutes, which allows us to pull out as much information as possible.

I know the questions to ask to help you pull all the information out that we originally discussed in your outline and I will help to keep you from going off on tangents in the areas that you don’t want to cover in the book or that will be covered later in a separate interview.

Don’t worry about getting stuck. Our interview systems will lead you exactly where you need to be. I know how to get the information out of you that you need to make your book a success.

Your Unedited Manuscript

This is where our team of professional writers take all the information from the transcripts of your interviews and put them into a well-written manuscript that covers everything you want in your book. We then send the unedited manuscript back to you to make any notes you might have on areas you want removed, added, or expanded upon. We continue to revise the manuscript until it’s exactly what you want.

Publishing Your New Book

We have experts on staff that will design a professional cover and interior layout for your review to ensure that your book meets the quality standards that we have become known for. Once we’ve completed this phase you will receive a proof copy of your printed book. At this point, we ask that you go through it one more time to ensure that we have exactly what you want and if not, we will make additional revisions necessary to ensure that you are satisfied before your book goes public.

Putting Your Book Out To The World

We believe in getting your book as much exposure as possible. So not only do we publish the digital version on Kindle and the printed version on Amazon, we also make the book available on as many platforms as possible throughout the world. We make sure that your book is on every one of these platforms correctly. When we have finished placing your book on worldwide distribution we head to the next phase, which is the one we believe is the most fun.

Launching Your Book

We write and post multiple press releases, social media posts and ensure your book is on the top book marketing sites. We use our proprietary launch program to help create a book launch team of existing supporters, well-placed book launch announcements on social media, and multiple other steps to ensure that your book is on the best-seller list on Amazon on launch day.

We also give you all of the email templates and other information that you need to help you let your entire tribe know about your new book, how they can purchase it, review it, and recommend it to others.

Ongoing Marketing

For our platinum authors, we also include 12 months of coaching on how to maximize your return from the book and ensure that you have all the other necessary tools to maximize your book platform and your business in general. We do this by furnishing you with short white papers on specific ways to use your book and a one hour call monthly to discuss with you exactly what you are doing with the book and how to maximize its use to increase your business as much as possible.

Our marketing team knows what they’re doing and if you follow their guidance you will see awesome results in your business due to you being a best-selling published author.

Because Stories Are Forgotten If Left Untold

You’re a professional. You have paid your dues. You’ve got the knowledge and education to ensure your readers have a great experience.

Branded Experts Publishing

You’re here because someone referred you, we met at an industry event; or maybe you were in the audience when C. Mike Lewis spoke at places like Harvard and West Point.

We assume that you already realize you need a book to help raise public awareness of your expertise and attract more of your ideal prospects. Hopefully you will find everything that you need on this site to help you make the decision as to whether we are the right fit for you!